Kyo Roll En Pick it Up
Kyo Roll En

Gaggan and Kyo Roll En team up for sensational cake roll


Dej Kewkacha, the creative mind behind Japanese-influence dessert franchise Kyo Roll En teams up with Indian rock star chef Gaggan Anand for addictive, fruit-filled cake roll.

Drawing its name from Gaggan’s signature creation “Lick It Up” that requires diners to unabashedly and literally lick the plate, Pick it Up is a sweet indulgence featuring fluffy lock-shaped cake roll filled with light cream cheese, mango pudding and yuzu. It sounds like a perfect self-isolation treat.

You can order Pick it Up by contacting Kyo Roll En on Facebook or @kyorollen on Line. The cake is priced at B999 and is limited to 50 servings a day.

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