Johnnie Walker rolls out limited Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition in celebration of its 94th anniversary in Thailand

Time Out Bangkok in partnership with Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker, the world-class Scotch whisky brand, is celebrating the 94th anniversary of its presence in Thailand by launching Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition. Packaged in a sleek, luxurious bottle design, the limited-edition Scotch whisky is a perfect blend of its depth of flavour and inspiration from Bangkok’s vibrant character and rich cultural heritage.

The premium Blue Label is part of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition series, which celebrates the pioneering spirits and unique cultural heritage of the world’s great cities. The series reflects Johnnie Walker’s commitment to celebrating the rare cultural moments and unique cultural heritage that have built and turned these great cities into the pioneering centres they are today. Just the same, through its rich heritage, authenticity, and craftmanship, Johnnie Walker is committed to delivering its premium blended Scotch whisky to consumers living a lavish lifestyle.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition celebrates Johnnie Walker’s shared history with Thailand where the brand has forged a long-standing relationship with Thai people since its inception in 1924. The special whisky also honours Bangkok’s exquisite cultural heritage. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an extraordinary blend made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional Scotch whiskies. Only one in every 10,000 casks with its elusive quality, character and flavour has been selected for the blend to deliver the remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition. The limited-edition whisky comes in a swish packaging design that reflects its creator’s whisky crafting spirit. The Blue Label is the ideal, magnificent gift for any whisky enthusiast. 

Besides its signature flavour, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition illustrates the story of Bangkok’s rich cultural heritage that is worthy of celebration. The bottle displays an elaborately designed graphic that portrays a vibrant city where tradition and modernity exist side by side. The art depicts a striding elephant, one of Thailand’s familiar cultural icons, lumbering through Bangkok with traditional Thai houses, modern high-rise buildings and traditional kites in the background. The foot label on the bottle’s exterior displays the year 2467 of the Buddhist era in classic Thai lettering in reference to the year of Johnnie Walker’s debut in Thailand and its long-standing relationship with Thai people.

Mr. Pipit Phongpipatanakul, Marketing Manager of Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., says, “Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition is a limited-edition whisky that has been created to tell the story of one of the world’s greatest cities like Bangkok. The new whisky design uses contemporary art as a medium for getting across the message about Bangkok’s cultural heritage. The limited-edition whisky is also a celebration of Johnnie Walker’s impressive moments in almost a century of its presence in Thailand. It is the ideal priceless gift that speaks volumes about the giver’s depth of character and taste. It’s also an ideal addition to any private whisky collection.

Immerse yourself in the aesthetic of taste and art with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bangkok Edition, a priceless innovative whisky design with a signature flavour that celebrates Bangkok as a vibrant city and its cultural heritage. It’s designed for tipplers with a taste for premium Scotch whisky. For more information, check out

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