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MR Thanadsri Svasti — the country's respected food critique — dies today at age 93


MR Thanadsri Svasti, Thailand’s iconic food critic and the co-founder of "Shell Chuan Chim", has passed away today at 93 at Paolo Hospital due to bile duct cancer.

Before the arrival of The Michelin Guide to Thailand a few years ago, the country has long boasted its own restaurant review known as Shell Chaun Chim sponsored by oil company Shell Thailand. The column was written by MR Thanadsri Svasti (while using the pen name of "Tha-nad-sor"), and was published in Siam Rath newspaper, Fah Muang Thai magazine and Matichon Weekend magazine, respectively from 1961 to 2012.

The restaurants reviewed under the program can be recognized by the iconic “Green Bowl” signage, representing the restaurants offering delicious and value-to-money meals.