This is Riceberry rice and it has stunning health benefits you might not know about

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Thailand boasts a diversity of rice grains, but Riceberry rice is one of a few that stands out among others, thanks to its unique dark purple color and long-grained shape. It’s a cross-breed between Hom Nil rice and KhaoDok Mali 105. Thanks for its chewy texture and sweet aroma, Riceberry rice is unarguably a perfect staple to your everyday fare.

Not only does this strain of rice tastes amazing, Riceberry rice provides a long list of incredible health benefits. Here are some of a few properties that show how Riceberry rice is highly beneficial to your body.

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 1. Riceberry rice is rich in antioxidant.

While it is commonly known that fruits like orange and lemon boast antioxidant—the compound that inhibits the damaging of cells in the body, Riceberry rice is also full of beta carotene, Gamma Oryzanol, and vitamin E and a lot more of other antioxidant goodies which help eliminate free radicals and the growth of cancer cells. Consuming Riceberry rice, therefore, could be added into your beauty routine as it helps nourishing skin, preventing wrinkles and slowing down aging.

 2. Riceberry rice helps lower cholesterol level.

Similar to other whole grain counterparts, Riceberry rice is rich in anthocyanin, which helps lowering cholesterol in the blood vessels. Thus, Riceberry rice is highly recommended for patients who are suffered from obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

 3. Riceberry rice has medium to low Glycemic Index (GI).

Glycemic Index or GI Value is the ranking of carbohydrate in food on how it affects blood glucose levels. So, the food with a high GI level is considered bad for your body as it results in the high sugar level in your blood stream. Unlike other carbohydrate sources, Riceberry rice is determined to have medium to low GI, which is recommended for those who are on a diet or try to lower daily sugar intake.

 4. Riceberry rice is rich in fiber.

Riceberry rice is abundant in fiber which helps the body with digestion, as well as lowering blood cholesterol and glucose level.

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