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Via Maris is serving yummy couscous dishes paired with natural wines

Via Maris couscous

Until the end of May, Silom’s colorful Mediterranean joint Via Maris pairs up with Fin Wine to delve into scrumptious flavors of couscous creations and complexly rich notes of natural wines at Couscous X Natural Wines Night on every Wednesday.

Choose from six couscous selections whipped up by Via Maris’ Sardinian-born chef Francesco Deiana such as Moroccan-style lamb couscous featuring tender and flavorsome lamb shoulder with spicy punch from Ras el hanout and harissa (B590) and meaty, slow-cooked pork belly roulade couscous with Sichuan pepper, Ras el hanout and sweet dried fruits (B640). Also worth trying is fregola, the pearl-like, traditional pasta of Sardinia, served with spicy tomato sauce with mussels and clams.

Don't forget to ask staffers for the perfect wine pairing options. Our favorites (from the selection of ten labels) are Lebanese-imported Massaya Classic Red 2012 with fruity and spicy note—the perfect complement to spicy-heavy dishes like the lamb shoulder couscous, and the Austrian number, Morillon Sulz Erste STK-Lage 2014 with a slightly fruity hint from apricot and quince that could be paired well with herb-filled dishes.