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What’s the deal with... Warawut Silpa-archa

Warawut Silpa-archa
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

The son of a former Prime Minister has plans to step back into the political spotlight.


A political heir

The only son of former Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa, Warawut Silpa-archa, undeniably, has politics in his blood. He served as the long-time elected representative for Suphanburi, and ran for Chart Thai Party, one of the many political parties the Constitutional Court dissolved ten years ago. He’s now back on track as one of the leaders of the newly formed Chart Thai Pattana Party, and is prepping for the upcoming general elections. “Luckily, people still treat me as a young politician,” he jokes. “If the elections got postponed any longer, I wouldn’t be considered as young blood anymore.”


A passion for football

Outside of politics, Warawut also runs football club, Suphanburi FC. “It’s the pride of Suphanburi. You know, with the same amount [of investment] as political activities, I can please more people. And pride is something money can’t always buy.” 



Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok






A game changer

Schooled abroad for more than 10 years, Warawut plans to bring new life and new perspectives to his Chart Thai Pattana Party. “We’re considered the voice of the rural people, whom we represent. I’ve seen the best of both worlds, and that helps us in contemplating the future of the party, that [it] could go beyond what it was. We’re refreshing the image of the party. We will have a new logo, one that reflects our new identity, our new vision.” 


Looking into the future

What’s his vision for propelling the government forward? “I really want to amend the constitution,” says Warawut. “I believe that to move our country forward, we need legitimate regulations that our people can agree with. These days, it’s like you’re trying to drive a car forward while still holding the handbrake. I really want to see all the parties sitting together to amend the constitution, to make it more efficient.” 


Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok



He stands for LGBT rights

“Marriage shouldn’t only be between a man and a woman,” Warawut declares, “It should be for all mankind regardless of sex or gender. [Legal] partnership brings about rights to healthcare services, for example.” Warawut admits he truly supports diversity, especially in the political hemisphere.