Photo: centralwOrld
Photo: centralwOrld

8 best restaurants at centralwOrld for beef lovers

Grilled, deep-fried, or braised? At these spots, your favorite meat is cooked to perfection!

Time Out Bangkok in partnership with centralwOrld

Nothing beats a juicy hunk of beef, whether it comes in a hot soup, with flavorful noodles, or with a side of stir-fried cabbage. In Bangkok, enjoying a meal where the juicy red meat is the star is not that difficult. There are many restaurants that can provide a good beef meal, although some are better than others.

If you want to be spoiled for choice, then look no further than centralwOrld. The Ratchaprasong landmark is a food lovers haven that offers a brilliant Beef Dine-In experience with a vast range of restaurants, including those that focus on beef.

Check out these nine restaurants, each one of which serves quality beef perfectly cooked in different styles, for your meaty fix.


What is it? A Thai restaurant known for slurp-worthy beef noodle soup that uses six different parts of the cow, from sirloin to ribeye.

What to order? The signature Our Own Traditional Beef Broth Noodles (B115), which comes with two different beef cuts and beef balls (not those balls), and a flavorful clear soup.

What else to know? For an alternative meat dish, go for the pink yentafo soup (B115), which comes with chunks of pork.

Where is it? Level 6; open daily from 10:00 to 21:30. Call 09 7068 9374 for more information.


What is it? A friendly spot where you can pretend that youre at a friends place bonding over creative, fun-filled dishes. 

What to order? The comforting Beef Stew Rice Bowl (B250), which comes with cured egg yolk and a generous topping of deep-fried shallots.

What else to know? The dishes are served tapas-style, which means the gang can order a bit of this and that to share, whether its Grilled Tongue (B250), Beef Tartare (B350), or everyone’s favorite, Wagyu Katsu Sando (B450).

Where is it? Level 7; open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Call 08 4666 4422 for more information

Meat Labo

What is it? A purveyor of delicious boat noodles with intensely flavored blood-soaked soup. 

What to order? The huge bowl boat noodles, which is good for three to four people (B429). It comes with lots of tender Wagyu and more.

What else to know? You can order a hot pot set (B499) for more communal dining with your loved ones. Or let them order something non-beef like the Thai northern-style curry noodles with chicken (B169)

Where is it? Level 7; open daily from 10:30 to 21:30. Call 0 2115 1205 for more information. 

EASY! Buddy

What is it? A hip eatery that serves Thai comfort staples with a contemporary twist.

What to order? Its take on the quintessential pad kra pao (spicy stir-fry with basil leaves) called Nuer Nuer (B199) features crispy fried duck egg on top of sliced beef.  

What else to know? You can customize your dish by choosing your protein, the spice level youre comfortable with, and even the grain you want (jasmine rice, sticky rice, or quinoa).

Where is it? Level 7; open daily from 10:00 to 21:30. Call 06 5634 5169 for more information.

Daisen Premium Japanese Restaurant

What is it? A respectable brand that offers all things Japanese and delicious, ranging from yakiniku to Australian beef steak.  

What to order? Enjoy an affordable omakase experience for only B899 per person. Your meal will include imported ingredients served in multiple courses, such as yellowfin tuna, king crab, and Matsusaka beef.

What else to know? Book a table for yakiniku and grill some mouthwatering A5-graded beef. Order a plate of sushi to fill you up some more!

Where is it? Level 6; open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Call 08 5495 8989 for more information.

Co Go Round

What is it? A quirky up-and-comer that gives a modern slant to the Isaan hot pot tradition of jim jum as seen in the use of premium ingredients, the pop art-inspired decor, and live DJ music.

What to order? The restaurant sources different kinds of beef, both native and international, such as Thai Wagyu Surin (B248, 70g) or Sirloin TIP Premium Grade from Australia (B248, 60g).

What else to know? Mix your own dipping sauce using ingredients like fermented fish, herbs, and Korean spicy sauce to maximize your jim jum experience. 

Where is it? Level 7; open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Call 09 9627 5566 for more information.

Tan Kun

What is it? A contemporary Thai restaurant that pays tribute to age-old recipes from the time of King Rama V, when international culinary influences made their mark on the kingdom’s cuisine.

What to order? The pan-seared Charolais Bavette (B280 for 100g or B460 for 200g) is a must-try. It showcases Chef Oil, a secret weapon thats responsible for giving a unique aroma to Tan Kuns perfectly cooked beef.

What else to know? Indulge your love of beef with the Charolais Harami (B270 for 100g or B460 for 200g), a dish of perfectly cooked and extremely tender second cut. Accompany the steak with other dishes like stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce (B110) or Thai omelet with minced pork (B100)

Where is it? Level 1 (Hug Thai Zone); open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Call 09 0626 5363 for more information.

Nua Tair Plus

What is it? A comfortable pitstop where you can fill up on hearty international dishes made with quality beef from Australia.

What to order? Go big with the ribeye steak with truffle sauce (B790), or go casual and comforting with the beef ragu fettuccine (B320).

What else to know? The steak offerings here are cooked on a sophisticated grill used by many fine-dining restaurants.

Where is it? Level 6; open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Call 09 1710 4462 for more information.

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