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  1. Asiatique Ancient Tea House
    AsiatiqueAsiatique Ancient Tea House
  2. Asiatique Ancient Tea House
    AsiatiqueAsiatique Ancient Tea House
  3. Asiatique Ancient Tea House
    AsiatiqueAsiatique Ancient Tea House

Time Out says

Asiatique Ancient Tea House is the latest addition to Bangkok’s dining options by the river—just in time for year-end celebrations.

Those who’ve been to Asiatique will be likely familiar with an old house sitting near the riverfront promenade. No longer dated and rundown, it’s been given head-to-toe renovations and now enjoys a new lease on life as a Chinese restaurant and bar called Asiatique Ancient Tea House. 

The word “ancient” signifies two main inspirations behind the new venture. It’s a reference to the building itself, which is believed to have been erected in 1912 as part of the East Asiatic Port, Bangkok’s first international seaport. Secondly, the word pays tribute to one of the products traded at the port: tea, which has a history dating back thousands of years.

The new establishment still preserves the original century-old structure, while Chinese motifs and art deco elements, including a glasshouse, and modern comforts were added to enhance the dining experience. Sit down in an elegant setting to feast on Cantonese yum cha that was designed and crafted by Marriott Marquis’ renowned Pagoda restaurant, with tea as the main ingredient. You can also pair your dim sum with a fine selection of teas sourced from around the world, including Bai Mu Dan White Tea from China and Darjeeling First Flush Dark Tea from India.

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Top Koaysomboon


Charoenkrung Road
02 059 5999
Opening hours:
Daily 12:00-24:00
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