Hea Nuad

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Hea Nuad
Hea Nuad
Hea Nuad
Hea Nuad
Hea Nuad

What comes to mind when talking rice porridge? A nice bowl of boiled rice with aromatic broth, meats and condiments? Not for Hea Nuad, a tiny porridge parlor in an old quarter of Bangkok. Owner Teddy Pharksuwan, a director of a beverage company and certified foodie, is treating Bangkokians to the city’s first brothless porridge or khao tom haeng, a dish that, until now, is only usually found in Phuket (it’s a not a traditional Peranakan-Phuketian dish, though).   

Teddy’s visits to various khao tom haeng restaurants across the country, from Ko Benz in Phuket to Hea Leng in Chonburi, inspired him to open his own eatery—the first of its kind— in Bangkok. And the result is this eight-table venue where diners can feast on steamed rice topped with soy-marinated pork, hog maw, and young pork knuckles (B45). A peppery broth is served on the side. Aside from this signature dish, Hea Nuad also serves other mouth-watering small plates such as crispy wontons (B20), pork balls with special sauce (B30) and giam-ii (Chinese pasta soup, B45). The parlor will start serving more dishes next month, including a brothless seafood porridge.  


Venue name: Hea Nuad
Address: Naret Road

Opening hours: Mon 8:00-14:00; Tue-Sat 8:00-21:00
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