Kopi Hia-Tai-Gi

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Kopi Hia-Tai-Gi
Kopi Hia-Tai-Gi

This branch of Kopi Hia-Tai-Gi near the Giant Swing has been serving grandpa’s favorite style of coffee for more than 60 years. Enjoy old-school breakfast treats all-day in a space festooned with Chinese memorabilia fused with a contemporary touch. Choices include old-school fried egg in a skillet, soft-boiled eggs and toast, as well as other Thai delicacies such as kopi (“coffee” in Malay) which mixed coffee with condensed milk.


Venue name: Kopi Hia-Tai-Gi
Address: 37 Soi Samranrat Siripong Road

Opening hours: 7:00-20:00
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