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The famous kakigori at After You has inspired its own standalone store which offers a menu meant to cool you off in this blazing summer heat.

Kulapat ‘May’ Kanokwatanawan, the brain behind After You, expands her dessert empire with a new standalone store dedicated to kakigori (Japanese shaved ice desserts). Menu highlights include Mont Blanc, a chestnut cream kakigori topped with roasted chestnuts and Japanese sweet Kuromitsu sauce, and Ume, a Japanese plum kakigori with sweet and sour plum jelly as its base. There are several other Japanese-inspired iced treats such as the Warabi Mochi and Hojicha. If you’re looking for something familiar, there’s the Ichigo Yoghurt Panna Cotta, a kakigori that brings the combination of sweet and sour to the next level with strawberry sauce and creamy yoghurt.

By: Sopida Rodsom


Venue name: Maygori
Address: The Commons
Thonglor 17
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Opening hours: 12:00-22:00
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