Aphrodisiacs: foods to increase your sex power

What to eat to spice things up this Valentine's night?
Illustration by Adam Schmidt
Illustration by Adam Schmidt
By Phavitch Theeraphong |

Get the heartbeat racing and fan the flames of passion on Valentine’s night with food that amps up the mood.

a food at Baa Ga Din


On top of its phallic shape (and bite-friendly proportions), banana is a storehouse for an enzyme called bromelain and vitamin B, both of which boost testosterone production. Bananas are also rich in potassium, known to increase one’s energy and endurance. Exactly what you need for your Valentine’s night.

Where to eat them? 

Men’s Parfait at Shakariki 432 (B150, 0 2664 0927)

Black sesame cake with grilled banana and ice cream at Baa Ga Din (B240, 0 2662 3813)

Bananalicious pancake at Panary Café (B155, 0 2116 6889)
Paste Bangkok Thai Restaurant


Big, firm and juicy oysters are probably one of the most classic and most notorious aphrodisiacs in history. Legendary Italian lover Giacomo Casanova was said to have fueled his drive by breakfasting on 60 raw oysters a day. The power of oysters to ignite one’s passion may be due to a rare amino acid that is said to boost sex hormones, and the high zinc content in the shellfish that is necessary for sperm production.

Where to eat them? 

Creamy Irish oysters served miang-style in betel nut leaves with herbs and galangal jam at Paste (B450, 0 2656 1003)

All-you-can-eat fresh oysters at Laemgate Infinite (B666, 08 0000 4444)

Hokkaido oyster drizzled with ponzu sauce and sprinkled with scallions at Sushi Zo (a part of 22-course omakase, B7,000, 0 2168 8490).
Granola bowl at Seven


The word “avocado” comes from an Aztec word which means “testicle,” most probably as a reference to how the fruit usually hangs in pairs from a branch (plus one is actually lower than the other). The creamy fruit deserves its reputation for being a libido booster, not only for its sensual shape, but also because it’s good source of Vitamin E which energizes the body. Avocados also contain plenty of folate which is important for sperm growth.

Where to eat them? 

Smashed avocado open sandwich with kale pesto at Luka Café (B240, 0 2637 8558)

Customized avocado with granola bowl at Seven (B165, 08 1901 8662)

Avocado shaved ice kakigori with bacon at Sweet Pista (B160, 0 2662 2866)
Paste Bangkok Thai Restaurant


This juicy fruit contains citrulline, an amino acid that builds up nitrate oxide in the body. This substance relaxes the blood vessels and boosts blood circulation, just like what Viagra does.

Where to eat them?

Watermelon and feta salad with quinoa cake at Luka Café (B220, 0 2637 8558)

Watermelon salad with ground salmon, crispy shallots and roasted galangal powder at Paste (B400, 0 2656 1003)

Font Magica cocktail (gin, watermelon and blackpepper honey) at Toro (B310, 0 2392 7790)
chocolate dessert at 80/20 charoengrung

Dark chocolate

The ancient Mayan civilization considered cocoa powder a love drug for its supposed ability to arouse the sex drive and unlock hidden primitive desires. Oozing, melted chocolate offers an erotic visual and a lubricant-like texture, but apart from pleasing the senses, it also increases the feel-good chemical serotonin in the brain, which is known to build up pleasure and makes you sensitive to the touch.

Where to eat them? 

Dark and caramelized chocolate mousse with chili tea jelly and cocoa nibs at 80/20 (B250, 08 7593 1936)

Flourless dark chocolate cake with chocolate sauce at Eat Me (B350, 0 2238 0931)

All-you-can-eat chocolate buffet at The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel (B990, 0 2344 8888)

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