Aquabiking Bangkok

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Aquabiking Bangkok offers spinning cardio workouts with the lower body submerged in water. Though the workout may not be as intense as indoor cycling, Aquabiking is by no means less challenging. The water provides good resistance without taking a toll on the joints. Muscles also tend to build up less lactic acid when in water so you wouldn’t feel as sore as you usually do after a regular spinning class. You can choose to join any of the multiple classes provided by Aquabiking Bangkok, from Aquabiking RPM, which focuses on weight loss, to Aquabiking Sculpt, which incorporates dumbbells to strengthen your muscles and tone your body.



By: Phavitch Theeraphong


Venue name: Aquabiking Bangkok
Address: 199/9
Sumi Grand
Sukhumit 16
Price: B900/class
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