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VR1 Cafe
VR1 Cafe
VR1 Cafe
VR1 Cafe

o one would think that a dodgy building between Thonglor sois 4 and 6, is home to one of the most innovative cafés in Bangkok. Dedicated to the ultimate virtual reality experience, VR1 is the first café in the country, and perhaps in Southeast Asia, that lets you escape the real world and cross over into a series of simulated adrenaline-rushed scenarios. Started by techie and gadget aficionado Pongpaichayont “Keng” Thongchua and his partner, the café boasts three types of VR headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus and Play Station VR with hundreds of games in different genres on offer, ranging from horror, warfare, sports and exploration. The highlight of any visit is the CG bluescreen room where a camera records the players as they try to survive the virtual world and projects the scenario they see through the headset on the blue screen. Players are charged B650 for the first hour for each room (you can bring as many friends as you want) and B550 for every hour afters. 


Venue name: VR1
Address: between Soi Thonglor 4-6

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