Amazing Songkran Experience Festival 2017

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Songkran in Bangkok
Tourism Authority of Thailand Songkran in Bangkok
Songkran Festival
Tourism Authority of Thailand Songkran in BangkokSongkran Festival
 Songkran Festival
Tourism Authority of Thailand Songkran in Bangkok

Whether you are a local, expat or tourist, Amazing Songkran Experience Festival is welcome you to take part in this celebration where you can witness five regional traditions in Bangkok.


Zone 1: Auspicious ceremony

Come out to pour water over the Buddha image on the human-made ace to attract luck, wealth, and prosperity to your life. There are also workshops on how to make old-school Thai perfume, and pang puang (a solid perfume which is made into a garland used to make an offering to the Buddha Image.)


Zone 2: Tour toi lar maha Songkran features five regional Songkran traditions


  •           Northern new year's tradition (Phra Phe Nee Pee Mai Muang): the demonstration of a handmade Lanna-style paper wreath used in auspicious ceremony, and the traditional umbrella paint.


  •           Isaan Songkran tradition: the demonstration of Northeastern ceremonies such as wrist-binding (aka bai-si-su-kwan).


  •           Central tradition: Songkran Pra-Pra-Daeng parade and the unveil of Mister Songkran (aka noom-loy-chai), and the demonstration of the centipede flag by the Mon tribe.


  •           Southern tradition: the demonstration of batik paint, and wrist-binding (aka bai-see-su-kwan).


  •           Eastern tradition: the demonstration of Gong-Kao festival where people put together their food to pay respect to the dead and house spirit, and the making of Thai garlands.


Zone 3 : Quirky local Thai market

The cooking demonstration of Thai dishes from five different provinces including Thai desserts for auspicious ceremony and kao chae, the popular old-school summer dish.                             


Zone 4 : Amazing Songkran Stage

Experience the cultural shows from five Thailand’s provinces and local edutainment activities such as chilli-paste crushing and Muay Tub Jak (blind Thai boxing).



By: Gail Piyanan


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