Federbräu Red Feather Club: The Club of Perfektion: 18 Dec

The best moments from the first day of Federbräu Red Feather Club: The Club of Perfektion at Sathorn Square — 18 Dec
By Time Out Bangkok in association with Federbräu |
The Club of Perfektion has opened in Sathorn on a perfekt day when Bangkok weather turned oh-so-chill last night! Urbanites flocked in to enjoy the cool breeze (literally!) with gourmet food, drinks and lovely tunes by hip indie bands: Two Pcs., Over Chill, and Motherfunky. Don't miss to come back tonight for Two Popetorn. Come down early for the best seat!


Last night was a night! Singer Two Popetorn brought the beats to Sathorn on the second evening of The Club of Perfektion! Don't miss you chance to visit us to breathe in the cool breeze (while it lasts), enjoy gourmet grubs, and sip cool drinks at the coolest lifestyle park in town. Every weekday, till 29 Dec










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