Songkran parade “Amazing Songkran Joyful Procession”

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Songkran parade

Roads from Sukhumvit 24 to the oppositt of Suhumvit 31 will be closed to make way for Songkran parade tonight from 24:00-01:30 and tomorrow (April 8) from 17:30-20:30.

Kick off this festive season with the Songkran parade on five long carriages running from Phrom Phong intersection on Sukhumvit road to Benjasiri park, Asok Montri and Ratchaprasong intersection along with the unveil of Miss Songkran pageant.

This massive Songkran parade is divided into five carriages featuring unique cultures from each Thailand’s region. The first carriage is filled with Songkran dancers; the second carriage carries Songkran beauty pageant 2017; the third carriage includes parades of people presenting five different regional cultures; the fourth carriage features the cultures of neighbouring countries of Thailand including Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar; and the fifth carriage is where both the locals and tourists are invited to join the parade while splashing water.

By: Gail Piyanan

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