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Rías de Galicia. Espai Kru
Rías de Galicia. Espai Kru

9 restaurants near Barcelona's Fira de Montjuïc

Where to have lunch or dinner right near Plaça de Espanya and with online booking

By Time Out Barcelona Editors

Whether you're here for Sónar or GSMA Mobile World Congress, you'll want to recharge your batteries at a good place to eat. We've selected nine of the best spots where you can get some quality seafood, a Galician entrecot (sirloin steak) next to Montjuïc, signature tapas, cuisine you can pair with craft beer, and more. All recommended by top chefs and all are very near Plaça de Espanya. And you can book most of them right here, right now.

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9 restaurants near the Fira de Montjuïc


Restaurants Barbecue El Poble-sec

Escairón is particularly remarkable for its Galician 'entrecot' (sirloin steak) and 'caldo gallego' (Galician broth). Jorge and Pilar make you feel at home, while the clientele are mostly regulars. Aside from the entrecot, main dishes include barbecue, stews, and especially the eponymous dessert, Escairón (crème caramel with a kind of nougat ice cream). Unforgettable fried potatoes accompany the meat dishes. This is the perfect place to delight your palate with the very best of Galician cuisine and fresh, quality market fare at reasonable prices and with excellent service.

Pacífico y Sur
©Maria Dias

Pacífico y Sur

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Peruvian El Poble-sec

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Peruvian and Andean cuisine in Barcelona, Chilean film director Paco Toledo brings it all down a notch. 'Peru has been attributed with the cuisine of the Inca Empire and boasts a very powerful type of cuisine, but it is post Hispanic,' he says. 'They were the Spaniards who brought lemon and cilantro to Latin America.' Toledo, a big fan of Peruvian and Asian food, set up a gastro club in his house which became so successful that he decided to turn pro. The result is a restaurant that aims to 'bring together all the cuisines of the South Pacific'. And without any kind of Nikkei style guide, he's created a menu where dishes are grouped by ceviches, potato 'causas', rice dishes and 'piqueos' (appetisers), and where Chinese, Chilean and even Thai influences enrich the Peruvian standad. Try the tasting menu, where for €20 you'll experience an array of flavours that are both imaginative and unpretentious.



Restaurants Italian El Poble-sec

It's not the same to say you're going to an Italian restaurant as it is to say you're going to a Venetian restaurant. One must respect the differences, you see. When the Colombo twins (‘xemei’ means ‘twins’ in Venetian), Stefano and Max, opened their eatery in Poble-sec, they brought to Barcelona a transalpine cuisine that finally went above and beyond pasta Bolognese and quattro stagioni pizzas. They gave us fish prepared just like it is in Venice, and we had got to learn what 'sarde in saor' and 'baccalà mantecato' are, rendering any other type Italian cuisine practically unacceptable. If you haven't had the pleasure, the sarde are the Venetian version of pickled sardines, and the baccalà is a cod brandade with no dairy ingredients. In Xemei they serve the cod as part of a fish assortment that also includes baked mackerel and marinated anchovies that you are just going to have to order so you can find out for yourself. It's also not going to cost you a fortune. The place itself has a touch of glamour, and rumour has it that a certain Barça player is a customer. The ambience of a vintage tavern, the busyness of the Xemei brothers, the chatty waiters and some 'buoni, buoni, buoni' dishes are reasons enough to bring you back in. But first, finish up your helping of the 'bigoli in salsa veneziana', grilled cuttlefish with polenta, charcoal-grilled octopus or, if you want to fit in with true Venetians, the Venetian-style veal liver.

Casa de Tapes Cañota

Restaurants El Poble-sec

El Cañota is a Galicia-inspired seafood tapas bar, and it comes with a pedigree. It's the younger brother of the renowned Rías de Galicia, one of the greatest Galician restaurants in the city and the country. El Cañota serves traditional dishes: fried fish and seafood, patatas bravas, Galician octopus, ensaladilla rusa, draught beer and wine. All of it is top-quality, and served in a laid-back venue that's perfect for a celebratory meal, or for dinner after taking in a show at the Teatre Lliure, Mercat de les Flors or BTM, which are all nearby.


Bodega Monumental

Restaurants Sants - Montjuïc

Manel and Daniel have opened another bodega like the one their family used to run next to the Monumental bullring. The menu does not include the dishes of the day, but once you’re at the bar you can try trotters, capipota, pigs’ cheeks or tripe with chickpeas and chorizo. They also sell cask wine.


Restaurants Mediterranean Sants - Montjuïc

Large interior with creative cuisine and a spectacular view. After visiting MNAC, treat yourself to their excellent lunch menu. It’s unusually peaceful here, even for a high-end restaurant. You can enjoy your meal in the company of works by Tàpies.




A place to enjoy the best cuisine, paired (or accompanied) with a unique selection of beers from around the world. Far from being a common brewery, MonDoré differs by offering a three-stop dining experience. At the first stop, you can quench your thirst tasting beers from around the world. The next stop is at the MonDoré menu. With the aim of promoting the Mediterranean spirit of tasting an sharing food, MonDoré proposes exquisite dishes, presented in small portions, including some of the best croquettes in the city. The last stop is at the Gin & Cocktail Room upstairs. Salud!

Granja Elena

Restaurants Haute cuisine

Great meals in Zona Franca. Full at breakfast and lunchtimes. Though at first glance it looks like a bar, this is one of the most popular restaurants with true gourmets.


Rías de Galicia

Restaurants Seafood El Poble-sec

This restaurant is the setting for the Iglesias family’s wonderful relationship with the finest seafood. The menu includes Cantabrian lobster with garlic, John Dory and txangurro crab cannelloni. And when it’s in season, they have the exquisite Bordeaux lamprey.

More restaurants with online booking


Restaurants Indian Dreta de l'Eixample

In Mumbai, the word 'bembì' is used to talk about the navel, the nexus of union between mother and child. The restaurant Bembì is a nexus of union between Indian cooking and Barcelona, and they've managed to bring a slice of their country to the pavement in Consell de Cent. Relaxed and cosy, this restaurant is perfect for surprising your date with a tasting menu – a senses-stimulating parade of 100 percent Indian recipes with touches of creativity and maximum-quality products. Every bite is like a ride on a flying carpet: magic.


Restaurants Japanese Eixample

Their sushi selection is great, but check out the menu, too. It features delicacies such as tataki uramaki. It’s very good, but it’s not cheap.



Restaurants Seafood Gràcia

This superlative Galician seafood restaurant has a legendary place in the collective unconscious: crayfish, lobster, prawns - always the freshest products.

Ikibana Paral·lel

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Brazilian Eixample

Ikibana Paral·lel is located in Barcelona a few meters from the metro station: Poble Sec. The cuisine is based on classic Japanese cuisine fused with a Brazilian style that manages to give the dishes an unique personality.



Restaurants Indian Dreta de l'Eixample

Fusion of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, against a backdrop of natural decor items from India. Cocktail bar opens at 10.30pm.


Restaurants Mediterranean Dreta de l'Eixample

As well as its magnificent view of Passeig de Gràcia (it’s located on the first floor, with panoramic windows), Citrus offers delicious fresh Mediterranean cuisine. The wine list features more than 100 bottles.



3 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Haute cuisine Eixample

Lasarte’s little brother allows you to enter Berasategui’s world without making yourself dizzy, thanks to a wonderful sampling menu that will suit many different pockets. At Barcelona’s Hotel Condes.  


Restaurants Sushi Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Nakashita is a small and cozy restaurant specialized in preparing dishes from the best Japanese cuisine and with the freshest fish. This property is located in the neighborhood of Borne in Barcelona, a few meters from the Arc de Triomphe. This restaurant emulates a Japanese tavern with an intimate atmosphere, being an ideal place to go with your loved ones to enjoy authentic Japanese food. Nakashita gastronomic offer is vast and varied, offering its guests all kinds of dishes to match the most demanding palates.


El Asador de Aranda

Restaurants Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

This cosy restaurant is located in Casa Rovirata, one of the city’s modernist gems. It’s the quality of the meat that stands out here, especially the lamb and the suckling pig.

La Balsa

Restaurants Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

A cross between Basque and Mediterranean cuisine, with top-quality meat and fish. This emblematic restaurant opened in the late 1970s, but it is still renowned for its quality food, good service and for being one of the most elegant eating establishments in the city. A FAD award-winner, this lovely restaurant was built atop an old dry stone irrigation wall. In winter one of their two outdoor terraces is open, with seating for 50 people.


Can Solé

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Mediterranean La Barceloneta

Portly, jovial waiters have been charming moneyed regulars for more than a hundred years at Can Solé. Over the course of time, many of these diners have added to the framed  photos, sketches and paintings that line the sky-blue walls. What continues to lure them is the freshest shellfish (share a plate of chipirones in onion and garlic, Cantabrian anchoviesor red shrimp to start) and fillets of wild turbot, lobster stews and sticky paellas. Beware the steeply priced extras (coffee, cover).

Il Giardinetto

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Italian Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

Il Giardinetto is frequented not only by those with great palates who know quality when they taste it, but also by romantics as well as those nostalgic for a Barcelona of days gone by. Recently the place has been slapped with a makeover to modern it up a bit to accompany the excellent work the kitchen staff has always done and continues to do. Chef Jesus leads the team with his Italian cuisine, and notable fresh pastas that are made by hand daily. There is also, of course, a range of pleasing dishes created by young chef Sergio “Chiqui” Millet. One offering that’s not always on the menu (so do ask) is the paglia e fieno tagliolini al pomodoro, which many an Italian restaurant would love to be able to prepare and present with fanfare.


Restaurants El Raval

Under the cover of a modest tapas bar, Suculent is an eatery where you can order a superlative oxtail, tenderized and cooked slowly, that will make you fall to your knees and raise your arms to the heavens. It's a difficult dish to find, even in places that advertise traditional cuisine, so if you want to give it a try, this is the place to get stuck in. And just to be sure, we're not talking about meat from a bull or ox: it’s from our friend the cow, and so it's always on the menu. If that doesn't strike your fancy, try the Maldonado Iberian pork rib, the mother of all pigs' trotters, or black pudding meatballs with cuttlefish – the star of the show and the restaurant’s proudest offering, aside from the tapas. On Sundays they serve up rice with seafood or meat and live flamenco.


Cafè Mandacarú

Restaurants El Poble-sec

It's definitely worth spending some time in this place which is a breed somewhere between a vegetarian restaurant and a jazz club, if there is such a thing. On the restaurant side, there's a brief and inviting menu featuring wild mushroom fideuás (fine noodles), and croquettes stuffed with mushrooms or broad beans with mint; while the jazz part comes in the form of frequent live shows from top acts, with the occasional classical concert taking the stage. They also host book readings, poetry recitals and other cultural happenings; there's something going on every week. Have a look at their wine list while you're there as well – it boasts more than 70 bottles.

7 Portes

Restaurants Spanish La Barceloneta

The eponymous seven doors open on to as many dining salons, all kitted out in elegant 19th-century décor. Long-aproned waiters bring regional dishes, served in vast portions, including a stewy fish zarzuela with half a lobster, a different paella daily (shellfish, for example, or rabbit and snails), a wide array of fresh seafood, and heavier dishes such as herbed black-bean stew with pork sausage, and orujo sorbet to finish. Reservations are available only for certain tables; otherwise, get there early.  


Fonda Espanya

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Haute cuisine El Raval

A spectacular modernist restaurant that is home to a traditional style of cooking adapted by the creative genius of Martín Berasategui. In summer, it has a wonderful terrace with a great view of the Raval.

Casa Jordi

4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Catalan Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

The atmosphere and the taste of an authentic Catalan country house. That's what you will find at the renovated Casa Jordi. While keeping the spirit and cuisine that made the place so visited by good palates, the restaurant has made a delicious and interesting twist thanks to its new owner, Lluís Cortines. Taking advantage of his valuable experiences at Reno and Botafumeiro, he managed to combine traditional cuisine, for which Casa Jordi is well known, with an adaptation to modern times. Better presented dishes tempting your eyes and, most of all, measured doses and a reduction of its most heavy aspects, with less fats and carbohydrates.



Restaurants Creative contemporary Eixample

The young chef Jordi Esteve’s style is based on quality and creativity, and underpinned with tradition. How about some scallops with truffle and fish foam? And save room for dessert, as Esteve's coconut-infused creations, which he came up with when looking for a dish that 'gives the feeling of sitting near a wood fire to stave off a winter's chill'. In more good news for everyone, there's also a menu for coeliacs.



Restaurants Mediterranean Sant Gervasi - Galvany

The name doesn't lie. This restaurant has a fresh interior, a bit on the trendy side, defined by its pleasing colour combo of white, silver, black, and fuchsia. They've modernized and moved towards a fresh market Mediterranean menu with creative touches – daring, without being strident. Newcomers first sample the quality meats, pasta, rice, salad, and fish. If you're not sure what to try, make it easy on yourself and sink your teeth into the house burger, the very best of Sant Gervasi. 

Thai Gardens

Restaurants Thai Dreta de l'Eixample

There are Thai restaurants and then there's Thai Gardens, an Eden of sensations defined by the décor featuring wood, golden figures and plant life. In this exotic corner of the city they make true Thai cuisine, uncorrupted by the Mediterranean imagination: you can have chicken marinated in every imaginable way, authentic Thai rolls, prawns with incredible sauces, spicy calamari, veal... The specialities with rice and noodles, and the pork options, will have you crossing out Chinese restaurants from your list of favourites.


Platja Ca la Nuri

Restaurants Mediterranean La Barceloneta

When you eat here, your feet are practically in the sand, just like in the old days... Their specialities include grilled sardines, tuna carpaccio and the mouth-watering fideuà with clams.

San Telmo

4 out of 5 stars
Music Esquerra de l’Eixample

Let's review: A coveted location in Av. Diagonal at C/Casanova. A luxury terrace that's open all year. A relaxed atmosphere. Zero fanfare. Décor with a New York air. Smooth and clean lines. Music all day set at a volume that doesn't interrupt conversations. San Telmo – not to be confused with the gorgeous restaurant in C/Vilà i Vila – is one of those places that are neither too outdated to chase away the posher clientele, nor too well-heeled to turn away your average hungry passer-by. This is a place to stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the best-sellers are salads and hamburgers – and for having the first drinks of the night before making your way to Bikini, Luz de Gas, Universal, Sutton or any of the nightclubs in the area.



4 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Haute cuisine Eixample

Refined, elegant and exclusive, the Windsor combines an air of modernity and noble traditions with an impeccable seasonal menu that includes delicacies such as deer cannelloni with cream of wild mushrooms and truffles. They are also the kings of game cuisine.


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