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Ideas for a rainy day in Barcelona

We give you ideas for turning a rainy day in Barcelona into one bright with good food, entertainment and culture

Jan Fleischer
Written by
Time Out Barcelona Editors
Jan Fleischer

Don't let a bit of the wet stuff keep you from getting out and enjoying everything there is to do in Barcelona. We've come up with some ways you can still get the most out of the city without fighting with your umbrella. Warm up in cafés, duck in to a bar for a cocktail, visit a gallery, and dance to live music throughout the night.

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Things to do on a rainy day in Barcelona

  • Museums
  • Art and design

You've done the Picasso, the Miró and the MACBA. After these and other giants of contemporary art, what's left in Barcelona's museum bag? Off the beaten track, down cobbled side streets and even smack bang in the middle of touristy areas, you'll find plenty of weird and wonderful little-known gems – all well worth an hour of your time.

The best cafés in Barcelona
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés

Searching for that warm pick-me-up only a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can give? Finding an attractive café with quality products to eat breakfast, have a snack or go for a coffee can be a difficult undertaking. We show you where to go to hit the mark.

  • Cinemas

What's better than hunkering down in the cinema on a rainy day? If your Spanish or Catalan isn't up to snuff, or if you just prefer seeing films in their original language (whether that's English, French, Japanese or beyond), head to these Barcelona cinemas where you can see movies as they were meant to be seen.

Where to get books in English
  • Shopping
  • Bookshops

Settle in with a good book from any of these Barcelona bookshops that have sections of tomes in English or are completely dedicated to serving the English-reading community in town, where you can pick up a classic or a bestseller, a brand-new or second-hand novel, guidebook or non-fiction, reading material for kids and more.

  • Bars and pubs

We're not condoning getting legless just because the sun's not out, but if you do feel like a break with something a bit stronger than a cup of joe, consult our list of the absolute best bars in Barcelona before wandering around in the elements looking for something suitable.

11 spas to relax and unwind
  • Things to do

Nothing beats a spa session, or a really good massage. So we did some exhaustive research into finding Barcelona’s best spas so you can still enjoy a less-than-sunny day in town.

  • Bars and pubs

Whether you fancy a drink with your sweetheart or with friends, if you're after a craft beer, a cup of tea or a place where you can tantalise your taste buds with creative cocktails, this group of bars offers all that, plus the bonus of a soft and sumptuous sofa area. Why not flop down and sink into the cushions on the next rainy day?

Barcelona's best clubs
  • Clubs

No one notices you're soaked with rain when you're sweating on the dance floor – whether it's in huge clubs with five different rooms and vibes, a small spot where your best survival technique on the dance floor is a smile, indie, rock, pop or retro music, these spots will keep you going, maybe even until the rain stops.

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