"Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness"

Art, Film and video
"Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness"
Photograph: Courtesy David Zwirner Chris Williams, Bouquet for Bas Jan Ader and Christopher D'Arcangelo

Spanning three galleries on three floors of the AIC, Williams's first major retrospective (his made his museum debut the Art Institute in 1982) showcases the conceptual photographer's thoughtful, probing images. Incorporating films from his early studies at the California Institute of Arts; works from the '90s, including the eight-year project, For Example: Die Welt its schön; and a number of selections from his ongoing project, For Example: Dix-huit Leçons sur la société industrielle (2004–), the multifaceted exhibition emphasizes Williams's finely honed ability to challenge the ways in which we consume photography.

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