Best weekly bar specials

These bars boast some of the best food and drink deals in town.

 (Photograph: Jason Little)
Photograph: Jason LittleOysters and Champagne at The Bedford
 (Photograph: Dave Rentauskas)
Photograph: Dave RentauskasDuke of Perth
 (Photograph: Tessa Marshall)
Photograph: Tessa MarshallToons
 (Photograph: Tessa Marshall)
Photograph: Tessa MarshallSmall Bar Fullerton

Fifteen-dollar buckets of long-necks a special does not make. For real deals, mark your calendar: Monday night means Duke of Perth, the handsome Lakeview Scotch emporium, for two-for-one entrées. (You want the textbook fish and chips, $10.75 ➊ and, for your freebie, the mashed potato–crowned shepherd’s pie, regularly $10.75 as well.)

Tuesdays, it’s off to the Bedford, the lounge in a former bank vault. There, chef Mark Steuer slashes the price of ocean-fresh oysters (regularly $2 each) ➋ in half, and the bar follows suit, knocking 50 percent off all sparkling wines and Champagnes, both by the glass (regularly $8–$12) and bottle (regularly $35–$300).

Wednesday equals Toons, the classic Southport Corridor bar whose juicy, hand-formed, half-pound, no-frills Toonsburger is only $4 ➌.

And on Sunday, you find a date and haul him or her to Small Bar Fullerton, a place known for its devotion to soccer, beer and chef Justin White’s Sunday Gravy, a stew of meatballs, pork butt, chuck roast, braciola and hard-boiled egg ➍. It’s paired with a bottle of Italian red wine and foccacia, all of which rings in at $30 for two. What? Did you think we were going to tell you to rest?

What to drink with your pub grub.

➊ Belhaven Scottish lager ($5.50), a light, crisp beer from across the pond
➋ Henriot Brut Souverain ($60/bottle on Tuesdays), a dry, sophisticated Champagne
➌ Pineapple vodka shot ($4 on Wednesdays), made in-house
➍ 2010 Ajello Nero d’Avola (included in special), a rich Sicilian red wine