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The largest and most popular bar on Madison Street, this two-story party palace with its infamous Karaoke Idol competitions is the place to be if youre a twenty-something in Forest Park. The main floor, dotted with darts machines and video games, is spacious enough, but we enjoyed heading upstairs and grabbing a seat at one of the picnic benches on the rooftop patio, which also has its own bar.


Venue name: Doc Ryan's
Address: 7432 Madison St
Forest Park
Opening hours: Mon–Wed 11am–11pm; Thu–Sat 11am–midnight; Sun 11am–10pm
Transport: Bus: 303, 307, 310.
Price: Average beer: $3
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Yelp needs to make 0 stars an option.

I hate coming in here because it's usually overflowing with douchebags & gross girls but it was a buddy's birthday & this is where he wanted to go. I could tell the night would be off to a great start when my boyfriend & I bought the birthday boy an Irish Car Bomb.

The bartender serves us the Guinness first, in a TINY little plastic cup that's halfway filled up. Then a tiny little plastic shot glass with the bailey's & probably a drop of Jameson. The plastic shot glass floated (duh) & the price we paid for those for them to be in tiny plastic cups, worthless.

The night continued & the EXTREMELY overpriced terrible drinks did not improve. Weakest long island I've ever tasted, you could literally taste the ice tea mix.

Then my boyfriend went to the bar to grab another round. The bartender serves him & while he's getting the drinks, a guy at the bar tries to start a fight with my boyfriend because he was served before the other guy. Boyfriend gets drinks & comes back to the table, then the bouncer (more like trained dog, but we'll get to that later) walks up to our table, grabs my boyfriend by the arm & tells him he needs to leave & drags him out.

At this point I was already aggravated & done with being there, so I asked the bouncer why he just kicked him out, the one that walked away from & avoided a fight, & not the one that tried starting the fight in the first place. The bouncer tells me he does whatever the bartender tells him to do, & he said to kick him out. Must be a regular. So I go to ask the bartender why & he points at the bouncer before I can get a word out, then he proceeds to kick ME out. Now I'm pissed. I want to get my purse & gtfo but he won't let me get it.

The bouncer calls me a b****, tells me to shut the f*** up, & starts PUSHING me out. I had to have my friend go in & get it.

One by one they kicked our ENTIRE group of 10 for simply asking why my boyfriend got kicked out & not the apparent regular that had tried to start the fight.

& THE BEST PART YOU ASK? Once I got my stuff & turned my back on the bouncer & walked out, he called me a cum guzzling whore & told me to get the f*** out, once I was already out & had my back turned on him. How professional. How mature. At that point, I won't lie, I tried to go back in to claw his roided bulging eyes out, but my friends held me back thankfully because at that point a cop that we had seen HANGING OUT, not doing something of importance but literally hanging out with a bouncer earlier that night, had came back in. I go to ask for help & talk to him & he SHOVES me away & says "I don't care" & walks straight to the bouncer he was talking to earlier.

So unless you're a regular, expect to get kicked out if a regular tries to fight you, & ladies, expect to be called cum guzzling whores from the roided out bouncer with apparent self esteem issues.