Sportsman's Club Summer BBQ Series

Sportsman's Club
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Sportsman's Club summer barbecue hosts chefs from restaurants all around the city on Sportsman's Club's back patio, serving up plates of food and a beer for $20. The beer will be a collaboration with Penrose called "Pitcher Beer," a sour (Penrose's specialty) that's light and tart but still thirst quenching. Spend your Sunday afternoons outside and check out the rest of the lineup.

July 10: Beacon Tavern
July 17: El Che Bar
July 31: Boeufhaus
August 7: Sink|Swim
August 14: GreenRiver
August 21: Farm.Butcher.Table
August 28: TBD
September 4: Café Marie-Jeanne
September 11: Rootstock
September 14: Gibson's
September 18: Mark Steuer's upcoming project
September 25: St. Lou's Assembly

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