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10 things we're already tired of and it's not even fall yet

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Time Out Chicago editors

It's hard to slam fall in Chicago. It's pretty outside, the weather is perfect and you get to start bundling up and maybe break out that scarf you've been hesitant about. But right now, it's still summer. Can't we just hold on to that until it's actually gone, maybe a couple more weeks? We fully intend to hang on to the last days of summer, whether the sun comes back out or not. And we're not afraid to say, we're tired of hearing some of you talk as though it's fall, or even nearly winter, already. Just enjoy the rest of the summer, damn it, and stop going on about that ridiculous frothy drink. Please. These are the things we could do without hearing about right now. 

1. Pumpkin spice lattes. Starbucks, you've created a monster. We're still excited about iced coffee and lemonade, can't you just let us live? And don't even get us started on the "PSL" in Instagram. We aren't afraid to delete you, friends. 

2. Planning your Halloween costumes. Yes, yes, everyone wants to be Eleven from Stranger Things. We get it. 

3. Your Fantasy Football team. We see you autodrafting, we see you.

4. Apple picking. Seriously, apple picking? We get picking pumpkins and even berries, but apples? 

5. Not knowing how to dress. Yes, the weather app keeps telling us it's going to be chilly then we walk three blocks and we're sweaty. Let's all just agree to dress in layers and not talk about it. 

6. Christmas. It's September, people (and big-box stores). SEPTEMBER. We have, what, at least three other holidays that come first? 

7. Fall fashion. We don't care about your denim jackets or your boots yet. We're still in shorts and tank tops. Just let us have these last few days.

8. Talking about how cold this winter will be. It will probably be awful, we know. There will probably be lots of snow. We might never be able to leave our homes ever again. So let's all just shut up and go outside while we can. 

9. Pumpkin spice lattes.

10. Pumpkin spice lattes.

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