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The best iced coffee drinks to try in Chicago

Cool down with one of these iced coffees, including a horchata iced coffee, nitro blends and curry-spiced lattes

Photograph: Courtesy Bowtruss

Nothing is stopping us from drinking iced coffee year-round, but it's especially hard to pass up during the hot, sweaty summer season. Chicago's got fantastic coffee shops and brunch places putting out stellar versions, too, so put down the frozen cocktails and frosé and grab one of these great drinks to perk you up in the morning. 

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The best iced coffee drinks in Chicago

Nitro coffee at Ipsento Coffee

Ipsento's nitro coffee is served at exactly 39 degrees, rather than over ice. The nitrogen adds slight bubbles to the Ipsento brew, so while the flavor is the same, there's a nice bit of effervescence from the nitrogen.

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Cool But Rude Iced at the Wormhole Coffee

This ginger-curry latte might be our new favorite thing, making us excited to drink it year-round. It's warm from a bit of curry and ginger, but it's still iced. It brings in spices that remind us of Christmas, but it's light and refreshing enough to be a perfectly fun summer drink.

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Wicker Park

Iced Military Latte at Sawada Coffee

You can get the military latte at Hogsalt's Sawada Coffee all the time, but you can also get it iced. With matcha, espresso and white chocolate, it's gorgeous and green on top, white on the bottom (until you stir it up, at least) and is refreshing in the way that matcha is a refreshing drink with a bit of creaminess just right to start your day.

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West Loop

Cafe de Olla at Xoco

Xoco serves a velvety bottled iced coffee drink that's based on chef Alonso Sotelo's grandmother's recipe. Piloncillo, Mexican cinnamon, brown sugar, allspice, clove, star anise, black pepper and orange zest are cooked down and then cold-brewed with Intelligentsia's El Diablo coffee. After 48 hours, it's strained, bottled and capped with a bright yellow cap featuring a tiny design drawn by server Miguel Cotorra.

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River North

Nitro coffee Beatrix

If you've had nitro beer, you understand the idea—nitrogen is added to a liquid to make it smoother and creamier—and now the same technique is being applied to coffee. At Beatrix, the nitro coffee is made by adding nitrogen to La Colombe coffee in a keg, then dispensing it on tap. There's a foamy head, and it doesn't taste as acidic, which means you really don't need to add cream.

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River North

Cafe con leche at Cafecito

Probably the sweetest coffee on the list, the cafe con leche will only look the faintest color off of what you'd expect a glass of milk to look like, but don't worry about it. It's still a great, sweet drink—just perfect for a mid-afternoon jolt and sugar rush.

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Shakerato with Seasons Soda at Big Shoulders Coffee

You may not be able to roll right up to the counter and ask for a Shakerato at Big Shoulders Coffee, but no worries. Snag a bottle of Seasons Soda out of the fridge and ask for espresso on top of it. The soda is slightly sweet, cutting the acidity of the espresso and turning it into a super refreshing jolt to your morning.

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River West/West Town

Horchata iced coffee at Same Day Cafe

Same Day Cafe, the charming new reboot of Flipside Cafe, serves Ipsento coffee in a variety of ways, including mixed with house-made horchata, the traditional Mexican cinnamon-laced rice milk.

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Logan Square

Pistachio rose latte at Oromo Cafe

Oromo Cafe looks damn fancy when you first walk in. The lattes list is a bit overwhelming with a bunch of choices, but when you start really looking through it, you'll see that it's not too far from what you've had as far as coffee's concerned. But grab the pistachio-rose latte. It's floral and garnished with rose petals, which is adorable and nice on the nose. If you're looking for something that reminds you of spring, this is certainly your latte.

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Lincoln Square
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By: Amy Cavanaugh