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Photograph: Discosour/Flickr

17 Chicago-centric Halloween costume ideas

Written by
Laura Rote

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This Halloween, Al’s Beefcake is the new sexy kitten. That’s right, Al’s Italian Beef plus total beefcake equals award-winning costume idea. You’re welcome.

Seriously, though. Chicago is a wonderland of hilarious, quirky and just plain fun costume ideas out there for the taking. This October, you’ve got no excuse not to show off your city pride and do something different. Just check out our list of Chicago-centric Halloween costume ideas before you head to your next bash or the Northalsted Halloween Parade.

1. Tamale guy. Small red or blue cooler, light jacket, mustache and a smile.

2. The Sears Tower (or Willis. Whatever). Just cover yourself in black boxes over a black outfit, make some pipe cleaner antennae for your head, and you’re the hit of the party.

3. Harry Caray. Black, thick-framed glasses, white hair, suspenders and a serious love of baseball.

4. The Billy Goat Tavern cook. Paper hat, white button-down and short-sleeved shirt with name tag, mustache, chips, no fries!

5. Jeppson’s Malört. Just don some Malört gear, carry around a bottle of Chicago’s finest liquor and make lots of friends (or enemies) with free shots.

6. Dibs. This one is for the really creative. We all know winter is coming. Make like a chair in a parking spot. 

7. Smokin' Jay Cutler. This one may be too easy.

8. Charles J. Wicker. Who? You know. Charles J. Wicker—the statue in Wicker Park. All you need is a straw broom, a top hat and maybe some all-over bronzer.

9. Zombie Morton Salt Girl. Say goodbye to the huge Morton Salt storage facility in Elston with a fitting zombie tribute. RIP.

10. Big Star. This one is for those of you who are lazy. Go as a giant cardboard star, eat tacos and drink margaritas all night.

11. Alderman Edward Burke. Put on your best pinstripe suit, carry around a cowboy hat and ignore everything around you.

12. CTA operator. Maybe this one’s a little obvious, but in a pinch, you could get dressed in blues and pretend to drive a train. The CTA obviously approves. There’s even a kids’ costume

13. H.H. Holmes. Dressing as a serial killer never fails to please on Halloween. 

14. Vincent P. Falk. Go as the guy who’s been known to stand on Chicago’s bridges and wave like a maniac to all the tourists on boats. All you need is a colorful suit and some serious enthusiasm.

15. Coach Mike Ditka. This one is probably way too easy, but hey, it's fun.

16. Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri. This one has many levels. First, you’re a banana. Second, you’re also a dolphin. Third, you’re also in a tiki drink from Lost Lake. If you pull it off, send photos.

17. Al's Beefcake. Do your best impression of the classic juicy sandwich wearing short jorts and a ripped flannel shirt. 

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