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2016 Chicago One-Minute Play Festival announces all-female writer lineup

Written by
Kris Vire

The sixth annual Chicago One-Minute Play Festival has announced dates and a very large lineup of playwrights—one that for the first time is made up entirely of self-identified women. The micro-play fest will be performed May 3 and 4, once again at the Den Theatre.

Brooke Allen, Erin Austin, Samantha Beach, Dani Bryant, Sarah Bowden, Jo Cattell, Amy Crider, Megan Carney, Rachel Claff, EJC Calvert, Barrie Cole, Teagan Walsh Davis, Guadalis Del Carmen, SL Daniels, Skye Robinson Hillis, Juli Del Prete, Kimberly D. Furganson, Brynne Frauenhoffer, Corrie Glanville, Kate Healy, Reeny Hofrincher, Ebony Joy, Chloe Johnston, Rachel Jackson, Laura Jacqmin, Genevieve Lally-Knuth, Beth Kander, Britteney Kapri, Danielle R. Littman, Jenny Lynn, Whitney LaMora, Lynnette Li, Barbara McDonald, Morgan McNaught, Rohina Malik, Maggie Mascal, Lyndee McPeek, Kim Morris, Arlene Malinowski, Cathy Muskett, Enid Muñoz, Laura Nessler, Corbette Pasko, Sarah Price, Coya Paz, Jenna Jo Pawlicki, Kristi Parker-Barhart, Mallory Primm, Jennifer Rumberger, Janna Ross, Cassandra Rose, Diana Slickman, Tiffani Swalley, Jenny Seidelman, Zoe Schwartz, Sheridan Singleton, Sara Sevigny, Jessy Lauren Smith, Lee Stark, Elise Spoerlein, Andi Sharavisky, Leean Kim Torske, Eileen Tull, Maggie Wagner, Dina Walters, Calamity West, Larissa Zageris and Ariel Zetina are confirmed to pen very short new plays for the fest.

Directors signed on include Jo Cattell, Jessica Fisch, Patrice Foster, Sarah Gitenstein, Chika Ike, Charlie McGrath, Diana Raiselis, Alyssa Vera Ramos, Lexi Saunders, and Anna Trachtman.

The One-Minute Play Festival, created by Dominic D'Andrea, has expanded to more than 20 cities nationwide.

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