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Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

29 New Year's resolutions every Chicagoan makes, but this year we're going to keep

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Time Out Chicago editors

At the end of every year we make a lot of promises to ourselves. We’re going to eat healthier, drink less and read more. But this year, even as we make plans to drink perhaps a bit too much at one of Chicago’s best New Year’s Eve parties or concerts, we’re serious. The year 2016 is going to see us being better Chicagoans. Here are just some of the goals we think are highly doable for 2016 in Chicago.

1. Learn the Pedway. (Note: This is urgent. Winter is coming.) 

2. Gain a better understanding of the grid system.

3. Check out what that 606 thing is all about. 

4. Stop ordering burritos at Mexican restaurants. 

5. Save money for a helicopter tour of Chicago. 

6. Give the suburbs a chance. At least once. 

7. Finally start calling Chicago home. 

8. Pay a few parking tickets (if we can't get out of them). 

9. Go to a Blackhawks game and get "into" hockey. 

10. See more local stand-up comedy and secure bragging rights when the next Kumail or Hannibal breaks out.

11. Ride a bike more (at least when it’s warm out). 

12. Uber less. 

13. See more amazing local theater. 

14. Finally see the city from the Sears Tower. 

15. Venture to more neighborhoods outside the ones I live and work in.

16. Stop feeling compelled to talk about the weather.

17. Finally get up early enough to line up for the Half Acre brewery tour.

18. Go to more concerts featuring local bands.

19. Drink more beer (and booze) that is made in Chicago (and not just Malort). 

20. Stop consulting Google Maps when giving directions to tourists.

21. Savor every moment of summer and not watch Netflix on a July Saturday because winter is always around the corner.

22. Get up early for brunch to avoid a two-hour line.

23. Vote in local elections (and be informed about the topics).

24. Finally figure out what the hell an alderman is.

25. Go to museums more often. No excuses. There are so many free days!  

26. Wake up early and go to the farmers' market every weekend. Or, most weekends.

27. Drink local coffee, both at home and in the city's best coffee shops.

28. Spend more time by the lake.

29. Read more books by Chicago authors.

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