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7 reasons to be excited about being a White Sox fan in 2015

Written by
Clayton Guse

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White Sox fans suffered another disappointing campaign in 2014. The team finished with a 73-89 record and missed the playoffs for the sixth straight year. With a shakeups across the organization, there's plenty to be excited about on the South Side this year. 

1. Fresh faces The White Sox had a lot of subpar players last year, so general manager Rick Hahn had the brilliant idea of going out and signing a whole mess of good players. Jeff Samardzija, Melkey Cabrera and David Robertson are just a few of the team's new faces to look forward to this year.

2. Scrumptious stadium food U.S. Cellular Field is known for its great food. From a three-pound banana split served up in a batting helmet to a dope corned beef sandwich, its hard to be disappointed by the stadium's chow. Don't forget the classic bacon-on-a-stick.

3. It's the 10th anniversary of World Series title In 2005, the White Sox accomplished the seemingly impossible task of bringing a World Series championship to Chicago. With a revamped squad, it's not crazy to think that the team could do it again—especially because the universe loves round numbers, right?

4. Hawk Harrelson hasn't got long It's amazing that the crusty old play-by-play announcer is still working. He's easily the most biased announcer in all of baseball. His classic zingers like "You can put it on the board" and "This game is ovah" are so overused that its laughable. Even if the Sox have another poor season, fans should enjoy the little time left that they have listening to Hawk.

5. Tailgating is a majestic tradition Unlike Chicago's North Side baseball team, the White Sox have a bunch of parking lots at their stadium, which make for a good old fashioned American tailgate session. If you head out to the stadium this year, be sure to get bombed in the parking lot to save money on beers inside.

6. José Abreu is inspiring Chicago hasn't had a sweet swinger like this since Vince Vaughn's mediocre comedy Swingers came out in 1996. Abreu was named Rookie of the Year last year, and will be a core piece of the team's 2015 campaign.

7. They're not the Cubs Year after year, White Sox faithful can be happy about the fact that they're not Cubs fans. Wrigley Field is an epicenter of nonsense that is filled with "Daddy Gimme Cubby Money" fans who couldn't tell the difference between a duck snort and a blooper. The White Sox organization has to work hard to put butts in the seats by doing things like winning games. People will fill up Wrigley Field regardless of the team's success, which gives management little incentive to field a winning team. 

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