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8 reasons why Chicago deserves a mild February this year

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Time Out Chicago editors

February is typically an incredibly miserable time of the year in Chicago. After enduring three months of cold, crummy weather, the month is a tipping point for residents who are desperate to see the sun again. But if current predictions hold true, this February could be a bit different. AccuWeather is forecasting an average temperature of 36.2 degrees in Chicago this February, which is a statement so beautiful that it could bring tears to the eyes of even the most grizzled Chicagoan.

Here's our case for why Chicago deserves a break from miserable weather during the shortest month of the year in 2016.

Last year tied for the coldest Chicago February on record: Last February, the average temperature in Chicago was 14.6 degrees, making it the coldest on record since 1875. During one stretch of mind-numbing cold, Chicago was pretty much the coldest place on Earth. The Polar Vortex of 2014 wasn't much better. After the past two years of misery, Chicagoans deserve a respite from the deep freeze.

Our gas bills could use a break after the recent property tax hike: The City Council approved a hefty property tax hike last October, which, in due time, will lead to increased rent prices across town. For the sake of our bank accounts, it would be just dandy to not have our gas bills triple this February as a result of rampant subzero temperatures. 

A whole slew of cool new bars and restaurants are opening, and we'd like to check them out: The city's first cider bar, the Northman, is set to open in February, Forbidden Root is bringing botanic beers to its new brewpub in West Town and a whole bunch of other exciting new bars and restaurants are opening around town over the next few weeks. We'd really, really like to check them out without getting frostbitten in the process.

Derrick Rose's bones are brittle enough as it is—another cold snap could cause something to shatter: At this point, Derrick Rose's body is about as durable as a stained glass window. We're not licensed physicians, but we really think that a mild February could be a godsend for the Bulls' native son.

Illinois' state budget is already frozen: Governor Bruce Rauner has butted heads with the downstate Democratic machine since entering office last year, which has led to a gridlock in the budget process. The state is operating by the skin of its teeth without a 2015-2016 budget—a frigid February can only make the situation worse. 

Valentine's Day is already awful: If February is the worst month of the year in Chicago, then Valentine's Day is far and away the worst day. Let's not go making it even worse with miserable weather. 

How about some nice weather for Theater Week for once?: Chicago Theater Week is in its fourth year, and it wasn't met with anything close to pleasant weather in the previous three. Chicago's theater scene is absolutely amazing, and associating it with miserable weather just isn't fair.

An extra day deserves some good juju: It's a leap year, which means that there are 29 days in February as opposed to the usual 28. Even just one extra day sounds unreasonable. If we're going to have to deal with a longer February, it better damn well be at least mildly pleasant. 

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