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9 reasons to own a dog in Chicago

Written by
Chris Bourg

You won’t just see human beings filling up the streets and walkways of Chicago. A lot of people will have their canine companions walking or running alongside them to enjoy the sights and sounds of our beautiful city. If you’re thinking about whether you should get a dog to call your own, here are nine doggone good reasons to get one.

1. Dating: Let’s just get this one out of the way. Everyone love puppies and that is an indisputable scientific fact. It's impossible to walk around the city of Chicago with a dog and not get at least one "aww" out of a potential date walking by. Too nervous to talk to that attractive girl or guy next door? Your pup is the best conversation starter you could have. Just make sure the conversation isn't about how your dog just did his business on their porch.

2. An excuse to get off of the couch: How many nights have you spent watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and thought to yourself, "Better fire up that 16th consecutive episode to watch, I've got nothing better to do?" Having a dog slobbering in your face and biting at your ankle to take it outside and play might just be that final push for you to hit the pause button after 10 straight hours of your favorite show.

3. Lessons in responsibility: Getting hired for a hot-shot job straight out of college and moving to the city has made you a respectable member of society, right? Wrong. You can take the kid out of college, but you can't take the college out of the kid. Your nights of getting blacked out on $5 at your campus bar have just turned into $100 nights downtown that end in a way worse hangover. But now, suddenly waking up on a couch miles from your apartment isn't really an option when you've got a living, breathing creature about to pee all over your apartment if you don't make it home.  

4. Lazy hungover Sundays: As much as point No. 2 is true, there is also the flip side of that. Imagine your typical weekend of going out on the town, spending too much money, making poor decisions and regretting every second of punishing your liver. Sounds awful, right? Now imagine that same scenario while cuddled up next to a puppy. Dogs are incredibly perceptive. So if you're hungover, they're right there with you. That is, until they have to pee, then you're right back to point No. 3.

5. Dogs love city life as much as you do: In Chicago, there's always something to do, always people who want to hang out and a ton of places to explore. Think of these things from a dog's perspective. If dogs could choose where to live, they'd probably pick Chicago. So help improve a pup's quality of life by bringing him to the best city in the world for humans and canines alike.

6. Chicago is very accommodating to dogs: Many of the neighborhoods in Chicago are very dog-friendly. It's easy to find landlords who will let you have a dog in your apartment, and most areas are fine with walking your dog around outside so long as you scoop its poop and dispose of it properly. There are lots of dog stores throughout the city, and even a lot of regular businesses will leave out treat bowls and water trays for good doggies walking by their buildings.

7. They're the best type of security system: Chicago can be a dangerous city, but dogs will always protect their owners from any kind of threat. Whether they investigate to see what made a strange sound in the night or go to chase away your drunken dipshit friends trying to bust in your apartment for a place to crash, your dog will always immediately leap into action to keep you safe.

8. It's the best relationship you'll ever have: Family members are crazy, your coworkers suck and the neighbors are jerks. But the bond you form with your dog is stronger than steel. Especially if you've just moved into Chicago and still haven't made friends yet, the relationship you have with your dog will get you through the tough times before you get comfortable living here. And your dog's loyalty and love for you will never waver. Which brings us to our last point.

9. Unconditional love: Oh, your day was awful? Your El ride was delayed and made you late to a meeting at work? Got chewed out by your boss? Well, guess what? Puppies don't care whether you screwed up at your job or not. All they know is that the second you walk in the door they're gonna jump all over you, lick you and wag their tail in excitement like seeing you is the best moment of their lives. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

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