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A riverfront park could occupy the former Fisk coal plant site

A riverfront park could occupy the former Fisk coal plant site
Photograph: CC/Flickr/David Wilson

Ever since the Fisk Generating Station ceased operations in 2012, various plans for a riverfront park at the former site of the coal-burning power plant between Pilsen and Bridgeport have been proposed. Now, the city of Chicago is considering the creation of a brand new public park at Throop Street and the Chicago River. 

Last week, the mayor's office introduced a measure to the city council that would partially fund the creation of a $120,000 development plan for the proposed park. The measure would allocate $40,000 in Open Space Impact Fees toward the cost of the study, with the remainder provided by a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' Coastal Zone Management Program.

The Department of Planning and Development would oversee the study, as well as an implementation strategy for the park. In addition to a budget and potential funding sources, the plan would also evaluate design elements, including landscaping, wildlife habitats, access, stormwater management, trails, overlooks and fishing piers.

Throop Street River Park would be located along the north bank of the South Branch of the Chicago River on a 1.5-acre vacant portion of the former power plant. If funding is approved, the study is expected to begin this spring.

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