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Billionaire offering $250k to anyone who streaks in front of Rahm Emanuel

Billionaire offering $250k to anyone who streaks in front of Rahm Emanuel
Photograph: Daniel X. O'Neil/Flickr

Greek billionaire Alki David went on the Mancow Morning Show on 97.9 The Loop this morning to announce that he will be giving away $250,000 to anyone who is willing to streak in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The announcement was made as part of a promotion for a new documentary about David titled Lord of the Freaks.

David, a media mogul whose companies include online television provider FilmOn and the home-shopping website, isn't a stranger to this sort of dare. In 2010, he offered $1 million to anyone who would streak in front of President Barack Obama.

The documentary will look at other heinous and childish dares proposed by David, many of which were more dangerous than baring it all in front of Chicago's mayor. 

Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor charge in Chicago and can carry with it up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine. One would think that pulling the full monty in front of the most powerful man in Chicago would bring the harshest sentence possible. 

Either way, someone will probably be tempted by the fat sum of cash, and David will have the satisfaction that he influenced someone to show Rahm their genitals. 



Bobby W

I'm seriously down, tell me when and where, and if out if country pay for my plane ticket, 802-359-2494

Michelle B

Just let me know when and where. 

Karen W

Oh and by the way the only genitals u'll see are the guys schwantz package flapp'n in the breeze, not the woman's!

Karen W

I'll do it and who cares what I'll look like, Bush might need a trim beforehand!

Jessica J

I would do it,but theres a problem.

1St I just gave birth to my daughter on the 18th of June,so my body doesn't look all that great yet, and second I hate Chicago so that eould mean I would have to go to Chicago...... NO THANK YOU other wise great offer in need of money would do it but not ready to go to jail in my birthday suit.

carlos r

I would do it and i wouldnt careless if they gave me 5 years in jail 250k is good with me im in

Mike P

can i get this in writing? I appreciate the sentiment. I'll do both, for 1 million, tax free, and also fart on michael vick.

Cynthia B

Not for a million. Ugh. He is so gross.

Burtrum C

How we get ahold of dude. I'm totally down. I need the money.

Jonathan P

Im in,  but I need 250K plus attorney fees, so that I can get the best person available , and reduce the jail time.

Deanne D

But I can't get financed for a Needlepoint store, a legitimate business. To make a better life for mymyself. Petfect.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Shaun F

How do i get in on this, 250,000 for 1 yr in jail and a 2,500 fine. Ill take that swap any day.

Laurelen K

I will do it and give all the money to medical marijuana getting here finally before my illness cripples my beautiful body.

Laurelen K

unless I need some for bail and rent money for the month it will fk up my life to go to court

Keshia K

Where do I sign up? I have student loans to pay and kids to feed. I am in. 

Anna W

I would do it even if it meant going to jail: 1 year? Half time good behavior??

Deborah M

Ill do it!  Only if I am guaranteed not going to jail lolol