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Chewbacca-themed voicemail prank turns into actual contest

Written by
Sean Neumann

TouchVision employee James Brennan took one of the better April Fool’s pranks in the city this year and played it off like a champ. The Chicago-based video producer was on the receiving end of this flyer posted around Chicago by his girlfriend, which invited people to call his phone and leave a Chewbacca roar on his voicemail.

Images of the flyer went viral. It was one of the top posts on Chicago’s Reddit page and received shout-outs from various local media outlets. When word of the prank got around the TouchVision office, Brennan’s boss offered to put up the $100 offered on the flyer if he would call in the best Chewbacca impersonators and bring them into the office for a Kashyyyk-style showdown.

Brennan chose four competitors who were judged on the lushness of their body hair, their fluency in Shyriiwook (Chewbacca’s native language), how well they can nail Chewbacca-like reactions and, of course, the volume of their Chewbacca roar. The competition ended in a tie, so naturally there was a Chewbacca-off between competitors Dan Campbell and Darren Olsen to decide the winner.

Olsen won the Star Wars–themed overtime period by a unanimous decision and received $100 from TouchVision. But while Olsen walked out with the cash, Brennan was the real winner, taking a nightmare prank phone call and turning it into comedic gold.

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