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Chicago is a Miller and whiskey city, according to a new study

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Chicago may be known for its craft beer scene but when it comes to what Chicagoans order out most often, Miller is the real king of beers. A new study released this month by bar management software developer BevSpot found that Chicagoans ordered Miller beers at almost twice the clip of the next closest brand, Coors, and more than double the national average for Miller orders.

The Boston-based company compiled 2016 order data from businesses that use BevSpot software in the Chicago metropolitan area, which shows that 8.2 percent of beer orders placed by bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels were for Miller products. All of the beers on BevSpot’s top seven were well-known national brands, with the exception of Revolution Brewing. The list includes Coors (4.3 percent), Revolution (3.4 percent), Stella Artois (3.3 percent) and Bud Light (3.1 percent).

The study also tracked liquor sales by type and brand and—no surprise—whiskey was a favorite. Orders for whiskey made up 28 percent of spirit sales in Chicago in 2016, followed closely by vodka at 25 percent. Rum and tequila made up 14 percent and 13 percent of BevSpot liquor orders, respectively.

Jack Daniels was the most-ordered whiskey brand in Chicago at 20 percent, more than doubling the national average. Jameson finished just a sliver behind Jack Daniels, with both brands combining for approximately 40 percent of all Chicago liquor orders. As far as vodka goes, Tito’s (18 percent) and Absolut (17 percent) were the favorites.

“Some of these observations fall in line with common expectations, such as the prevalence of MillerCoors in Chicago,” the report reads. “However, others were a bit surprising.” Among those unexpected findings was Chicagoans' preference for rum, which could have something to do with all of those tiki bars.

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