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Chicago's 'boozy' Target is actually a Starbucks with wine

Written by
Nick Kotecki

The new Target in Streeterville is much of what you'd expect—it's a Target. You'll find a small selection of clothes, sundries, beauty products and, sorry to bury the lead, but also a "bar." However, that "bar" is a Starbucks. And that Starbucks has a "Starbucks Evenings" menu, with drinks that include wine. Just wine. OK, there's a few local beers on the menu as well, but pretty much just wine. This is obviously disappointing for anyone who dreamed of picking up a quick whiskey with their toothpaste and toilet paper. You can't walk around the store with your Pinot either. You're restricted to drinking in the tiny, albeit charming, cafe area (pictured above). Talk about anti-climax.

Here's the full menu:

You can start drinking at 2pm on weekdays and noon on the weekend.

Prosecco - $8

Pinot Grigio - $9

Sauvignon Blanc - $8

Chardonnay - $12

Moscato - $8

Red blend - $7

Pinot Noir - $10

Malbec - $8

Another red blend - $14

Cabernet Sauvignon - $9

There's also a handful of appetizers, with items like bacon-wrapped dates, truffle mac and cheese, a cheese plate and the ubiquitous spinach artichoke dip that seems to be on every chain store menu everywhere. One huge plus is that the view is great. While eating and/or drinking, guests can enjoy an uncluttered view of the river, which is a rarity downtown.

Despite our boozy expectations, this Target is not a disappointment. It's a small, but good addition for anyone in the area, essentially geared toward tourists, people on their way to Navy Pier and nearby residents who live in dinky condos, or any number of the new construction apartments that have joined the Streeterville skyline in recent years. You can also recharge your Ventra card and pick up online shopping purchases at the front registers.

The store is simply Target as a more accessible version of itself, lined with attractive exposed-brick walls and open rafter ceilings. You can get exactly what you need without searching far and wide or asking a bunch of employees for directions. Sure, the selection is less, but you really don't need to choose from five types of disposable soap containers either. There's a small grocery section with produce, frozen meals and snack essentials. There are fully-stocked liquor and beer aisles, basic household needs and an electronics section consisting entirely of phone accessories. Basically, it has everything you need on a quick errand run. It's the same big-box store, just in a smaller box.

Store hours are:

7am to midnight Monday through Saturday

8am to 11pm Sunday

Pharmacy hours are:

8am-8pm weekdays

9am-6pm weekends

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