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City Farm in Chicago shows why we should be urban farming

Maybe you decided to be more conscious when it comes to what you eat since watching Food Inc, but then you found yourself eating pizza rolls you bought at 3am from 7-Eleven. If you need a good kick in the butt, watch this gem from PBS show The Good Stuff, which details the effect of urban farming and how one organization, City Farm in Chicago, is helping to lead urban farms in the country, transforming vacant city lots into productive farmland. 

With the global population expected to hit 9 billion by 2050, precious land used for growing food and feeding people is becoming more and more threatened. Cue the greenest man in Chicago, Ken Dunn, founder of City Farm, to turn the problem into a meaningful solution. City Farm works to collect food waste from grocery stores and restaurants and turns it into compost, fertilizing urban farmland and providing environmental and nutritional benefits. In addition to healthier agriculture and eating, City Farm brings more value to the community by administering jobs, granting nutritional education and making everything that much more beautiful.