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Gorgeous Chicago man runs shirtless in December and becomes an Internet sensation


Chicago was hit with record-high temperatures over the weekend, and residents responded by going absolutely bananas. People left their coats at home and soaked in what was likely the last stretch of pleasant weather before the arctic winds of winter descend upon the city. One nutty Chicago native, Ethan Renoe, decided to go for a shirtless run on Sunday, breaking the Internet in the process.

Renoe's chiseled, beautiful body caught the eye of WGN-TV's Tahman Bradley, who interviewed him in a segment that got more than 1 million views overnight. Bradley compared the beautiful man to Hugh Jackman, but he looks more like the love child of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Arrieta. 

If you want to see more of Renoe's bulging pecs, seductively sweaty chest hair and rock hard abs, you can check out his Twitter account. In his profile picture, he's carrying a surfboard in a pose that makes his shoulders appear even more God-like than in the WGN segment. 

As Renoe mentioned in the video, he's currently single and looking for a partner. WGN caught up with him again on Monday morning, and he pointed out that he's straight, which is pretty disappointing for this writer. I've spent all morning fantasizing about rubbing oil on Renoe's majestic biceps while he tenderly whispers the details of his latest CrossFit workout in my ear.

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