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How to watch this weekend's Easter Weekend Blood Moon lunar eclipse

Written by
Clayton Guse

Early Saturday morning, a rare "blood moon" lunar eclipse will appear over Chicago in an event that's sure to be fantastically witchy. The eclipse's proximity to Easter has Christians around the world drawing a divine connection. In any case, the astronomical wonder is worth viewing. Here's what you should know about the moon on Saturday morning.

• A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse, meaning that the Earth's shadow will completely cover the face of the moon. 

• Saturday's eclipse is only going to last five minutes, while most lunar eclipses last for around an hour. 

• The phrase "blood moon" comes from the red shadow cast on our celestial sibling.

• The eclipse will start at 4am, but the full-blown "blood moon" will appear between 6:58am and 7:03am.

• The Adler Planetarium is hosting a free viewing party for the event, where guests can view the eclipse through telescopes, attend lectures and tour the museum's facilities. 

• If you want to get a clearer look at the happening, consider heading out to the suburbs where light pollution is not as salient.

• There will be a live stream of the eclipse out of Australia available as well, so you really don't have to get out of bed watch the eclipse. You probably won't feel as much witchy magic through a computer, though.

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