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Kickstarter campaign looks to bring an emission-free food truck to Chicago

Herb n Juice

A new Kickstarter campaign wants to bring the country's first street-legal, emission-free food truck to Chicago. Unsurprisingly, they're aiming to sell organic cold-pressed juice. Even less surprisingly, it looks like they'll come in mason jars.

Herb-N-Juice has already invested $50,000 into strapping a kitchen onto an electric golf cart, and is looking for help from the Internet to raise another $20,000 to finish the project.

The kitchen's roof will be lined with solar panels to keep the juicing process green.

If all goes well for the startup, they'll be cruising around the city on a mission to cleanse the colons of Chicagoans this summer. 



Herb-N-Juice C

Thanks for the help spreading the word about our campaign! We will be serving our beverages in cups made from 100% recycled resources, the mason jars are just promotional and are available as a reward for backing our Kickstarter.