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New design released for Wolf Point towers

The eyesore that is the Sun-Times building will soon be masked by three skyscrapers.
Photograph: Jaysin Trevino/Flickr The eyesore that is the Sun-Times building will soon be masked by three skyscrapers.

According to the Chicago Architecture Blog, a new design was released this week for a trio of towers currently under construction at Wolf Point (the area next to the river in front of the notoriously hideous Sun-Times building). Work on the west tower is well underway, and the 48-story structure has nearly reached its final height of 493 feet.

An updated rendering of the project from Connecticut-based architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli shows a much cooler look to the south and east towers. Both buildings were slimmed down from their original renderings, and the center south tower now boasts a spire.

The northern portion of the Chicago Riverwalk will eventually extend over to Wolf Point, which will be a huge addition to an area that once was a parking lot. The new trio of skyscrapers won't look like your stereotypical glass giants (see Trump Tower), and will go a long way in covering up the eyesore that is the Sun-Times building, which was a shoe-in for our list of ugliest buildings in Chicago.

The final heights of the south and west towers have yet to be finalized, but by the looks of the rendering, the south tower will likely top out at more than 1,000 feet. 


Rendering via An earlier version of this story featured a rendering from Chicago Architecture Blog.



Eric F

Also I think they are confused. It was the *old* Sun Times building where the Trump is now that was so ugly

Chicago A

How sad that a publication like Time Out has to resort to stealing stories and images from other web sites and then presenting it as their own work.

Time Out and its "reporter" did not do the leg work on this story.  It was taken directly from the Chicago Architecture Blog.  Even the rendering was stolen from the Chicago Architecture Blog web page, and the Time Out staff knew they were doing something bad because they cropped out the watermark.

How can we tell?  Because of the red light at the top of the spire.  We added that to the rendering in order to catch thieves like Time Out who are too lazy to do their own reporting and leech off of the hard working bloggers of the internet.

Such a shame.  Time Out used to be a respectable publication.  So much for "journalism."