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Photograph: Max Herman

President Barack Obama was called up for Cook County jury duty

Written by
Stephanie Bernstein

After upcoming Obama Foundation Summit, Barack Obama could stick around Chicago to serve as a juror in Cook County court. The former president recently received a jury summons and plans to show up to fulfill his civic duty in November. 

As a native Chicagoan, President Obama is eligible for jury duty selection just like any other citizen. In an interview with NPR, County Chief Judge Tim Evans said that adequate security would be in place during the former president's time as a juror.

However, there's the question of whether or not President Obama will even be selected to serve. Juror selection processes vary from court to court, but a juror can be removed from the panel for a number of reasons (though they cannot be discriminated against based on gender or race).

President Obama wouldn't be the first household name to serve on a jury. Taylor Swift sat on a jury in Nashville in August 2016, Kobe Bryant took on the task in Los Angeles in March 2009 and another former president, George W. Bush, was called but not selected for jury duty in Texas back in 2015.

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