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Single of the Week: Byron, 24

Single of the Week: Byron, 24

Byron, 24
South Loop

Interested in Women

My idea of a perfect first date My perfect first date starts with a drink or two at South Loop's finest dive bar, the Wabash Tap. In addition to the drinks, we'll get to know each other a little better over your jukebox selection and a friendly (but slightly competitive) game of table tennis. Topics of conversation may include family, hobbies, and work. Topics of discussion will DEFINITELY include favorite movies. From there, we head off to a Blackhawks game and watch the 5-time Stanley Cup champs take on a division rival in a heated battle. Naturally, the Hawks will win, and to celebrate the victory/cap off the date we'll catch the Navy Pier firework show by the lake.

Celebrity I most closely resemble A young Stephen Baldwin

Why my mom thinks I'm a catch My mom thinks I'm a catch because I'm a gentleman in every sense of the word. I fit in well at basically any function; conducting myself appropriately in formal settings, but also knowing how to have a good time at a backyard BBQ with friends. I'm also a natural athlete and can hold my own in basically any sport. She'd probably mention how handsome I was too, but that can be for you to decide.

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