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Single of the Week: Kimberley, 31

Single of the Week: Kimberley, 31

Kimberley, 31

Interested in Men

My idea of a perfect first date My perfect first date starts with interesting conversation over coffee or wine.
Then on to an activity that gives insight into my date; preferably a new experience for myself as well, which is easier than you think. Being British there are so many things new to me in the states. I just had my first s’more over a campfire this winter!

Celebrity I most closely resemble Kelly Reilly [ed. note: She's a British actress...you may recognize her from Flight?]

Why my mom thinks I'm a catch As a retired member of Britain's Olympic Ski Team, I've made both my mum and my country proud. A year ago I moved from London to the states all by myself, found a job as an Art Director at a top advertising agency, made amazing friends and am having a fabulous time. All that's missing is a special bloke to experience Chicago with.

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