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Sir Richard Branson becomes human bowling ball at Bulls game

Written by
Chris Bourg

Sir Richard Branson is in Chicago this week to celebrate the grand opening of his new Virgin Hotel, and last night he sat courtside at the United Center to take in the first NBA game he's ever attended in-person.

Branson, who is also known for his love of adventure and thrill-seeking, also got to act as a participant on the UC floor. He wasn't a fill-in for Joakim Noah, but as a human bowling ball for the Benny Bowling game that takes place during stoppages of play. Normally in Benny Bowling, the Bulls' mascot gets flung down the court by a slingshot while sitting on a scooter and has to knock down the oversized bowling pins. But last night, Benny the Bull pulled Branson out of the audience and successfully goaded the billionaire into taking his place for a round.

The 64-year-old multi-billionaire failed to record a strike in his roll down the court, only knocking down 2 of the 6 pins that were set up. He was successful in not sustaining a concussion or otherwise causing great bodily harm to himself despite not wearing a helmet, so in that regard his latest thrilling adventure was a rousing success.

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