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The 12 people you'll meet on Tinder in Chicago

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Time Out Chicago editors

Dating in Chicago isn't for the faint of heart. We spend half the year in hibernation, which can make finding a partner a little difficult. That said, one of our favorite winter pastimes is swiping through Tinder on a cold night and hoping to find someone who wants to spend all summer outside actually enjoying the city with us. These are the people you'll be sure to encounter when swiping from within city limits; which way you decide to swipe is entirely up to you. 

The one who lies about being from the city. Schaumburg is not Chicago. 

The one who just finished running the Color Run. We get it, you're sporty and you love a good 5K—we see those photos from the Shamrock Shuffle and Hot Chocolate Runs, too—but come on, it's been months since the Color Run.

The Logan Square hipster. Has never ventured outside the square and only suggests dates at Longman & Eagle. Delicious, but it's time to try something new. 

The one with the "skyline" view. Just because you can see the spire of the Hancock from your apartment does not mean you have city views. This is fine, but don't pretend. 

The one posing with the Stanley Cup. Unless you're Jonathan Toews, we don't want to see a photo of you next to the Stanley Cup, we've all seen it, we get it. 

The one who lives for summer street festivals. Their profile photos are just different shots of them in tank tops with a craft beer on every block of the city. 

The bartender. Their profile photos behind the bar at your favorite hangout make them seem like the perfect match, but is it worth it to lose your favorite bar after a bad date?

The one from the West Loop. Only eats at Stephanie Izard restaurants. 

The one posing in front of the bean. The easiest way to spot a newcomer to the city. 

The one who works at Groupon. Or worked at Groupon, because let's be real, most Chicagoans have been employed by Groupon or at least know someone who has at this point. 

The one who's really into comedy. They're in an improv troupe, they spend all their free time at iO and they just know they're going to be the next Tina Fey. 

The one posing in front of Wrigley with a goat. OK, this is probably just one guy, but we really did see him on Tinder. 

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