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The Field Museum's biggest 2016 accomplishments

The Field Museum
Courtesy of Field Museum

The Field Museum scientists were hard at work over the last year making significant contributions to the scientific community and furthering our knowledge of the natural world. The Field Museum released its list of noteworthy 2016 accomplishments on Thursday and there are some pretty remarkable finds. 

In 2016, scientists published 200 articles, inventoried the 11,676 known tree species in the Amazon and described 39 new species (one of which was a new dinosaur with tiny Tyrannosaurus rex arms!). Not to mention recent news that the museum would partner with Toppling Goliath Brewing to begin selling a craft beer inspired by Sue the T. rex.

The following infographic highlights the accomplishments the Field Museum is most proud of. You can find more information about these and other major discoveries made by Field Museum scientists here.

Courtesy The Field Museum



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