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Things to do in Chicago when you can't sleep

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Time Out Chicago editors

Noisy neighbors, barking dogs, passing ambulances—there's no doubt you've spent many a sleepless night tossing and turning in Chicago. Whether the noise of the city is keeping you up or you've got a lot on your mind and just can't sleep, take advantage of living in a city that has something to do every hour. Don't waste another night counting sheep—we've some with an itinerary for anyone who suffers from a bit of insomnia.

9:30pm When you know it's going to be a long night, you may as well start with a late dinner at one of Chicago's 24-hour restaurants, like White Palace Grill, Lazo's Tacos or Elly's Pancake House.  

10:15pm Maybe curling up with a new book is all you really need to catch some Zs. Lucky for you, Myopic Bookstore is open until 11pm every day.  

10:45pm But wait, are you still hungry? Eat some great late-night food you can only get after 10pm in Chicago.  

11:15 Okay, you should at least try to doze. Try relaxing with a movie that features Chicago.  

11:45pm No? Fine. Just keep snacking then. Get to Scofflaw in time for a free, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie served at midnight.  

12am Who can sleep after all the food you've had tonight? Catch a midnight film at Music Box Theatre.   

12am If nothing you want to see is playing, laugh it off at one of the Second City classes' midnight comedy shows.  

1am There's always karaoke at PopKTV Karaoke Lounge.  

1:30am Go bowling. Diversey River Bowl is open until 2am most nights and 3am on Saturdays.  

2:00am If you're really going to stay up, you need caffeine. Grab a cup of joe at Pick Me Up Café.  

3am And, well, you may as well grab a snack at one of Chicago's many late-night delivery restaurants.  

3:30am Give up yet? Perhaps enjoy a nightcap at one of Chicago's 4am bars

4:30am Ah, forget it. Get some ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, open around the clock.  

5:30am You need a fresh start. Daybreaker often hosts its yoga dance party at spots across Chicago. Why not try some invigorating activity?  

6:30am And then start all over again, perhaps with a pint. Head to the Globe Pub (hours vary according to matches, so call to make sure they're open) and catch the football (soccer) game. 

Sweet dreams! 

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