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Three Illinois schools make list of top 50 LGBT-friendly colleges and universities

Three Illinois schools make list of top 50 LGBT-friendly colleges and universities
University of Chicago

On Friday, nonprofit group Campus Pride released its sixth annual list of the nation's top 50 LGBT-friendly colleges and universities. Three Illinois schools made the unranked list: The University of Chicago, University of Illinois–Chicago and Southern Illinois University–Carbondale.

It may be surprising not to see more Chicago-area schools make this list—Roosevelt University, for one, has a strong reputation for gay inclusiveness and advocacy as part of its social justice–oriented mission. It's worth noting, however, that the list is based on schools' own self-assessments of their policies, programs and practices on Campus Pride's benchmarking tool. It's possible that schools that would rank at the top of a survey of LGBT student populations didn't participate in Campus Pride's program, or that school administrators who saw room for improvement would rate themselves lower than their students would. See the full 50 here.



Claire W

The "agenda" gay people have is simply to be treated like equal citizens. That's it and all. And no, it is not selfish to demand the federal government "follow that agenda" - it is the federal government's duty under the 14th Amendment, not a selfish demand.  

And LGBT friendly colleges is their right.

Also, recently I wrote about Baroness Thatcher for http://jetwriters.com/ . I'll paraphrase the late Baroness Thatcher and say "There is no such thing as community". A city, state, county, etc., is inhabited by individuals, each with his or her own purpose and agenda. I'm gay as the day as long but have never subscribed to the concept of a "gay community" because we're not monolithic and we definitely don't speak with one voice (despite those who appoint themselves to speak for me, which I wholeheartedly reject).