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Uber will bring you a free Halloween costume this weekend

Written by
Clayton Guse

Forget to put together a Halloween costume this year? Don't worry, Uber has your back. The ride-sharing service is partnering with Snickers to deliver a series of truly tacky disguises to users across the city for free (well, there is a $5 delivery charge). On Friday from 3–8pm and on Saturday from 11am–5pm, you can swipe to the UberCostumes option on the app and choose from one of four costumes to be delivered to your location.

The initiative is part of Snickers's "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, which probably explains why the costumes are so terrible. Each of the four options (Forgetful, Spacey, Goofball and Princess) will be accompanied by a Snickers "Hunger Bar" labeled with the name of the costume. Uber expects demand for the costumes to be high, and they'll only be available while supplies last. Some uberX drivers around town will also hand out Snickers bars to passengers because, you know, trick-or-treat.

While the campaign is pretty tacky, it can be a lifesaver for any dingus who's been too lazy to assemble some Halloween garb this year. If you fall into that category, check out the costume options below (also, don't be surprised if you see 15 other people wearing the exact same thing as you this weekend). 

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